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AI Empowerment for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Refund Policy - the basics 

Participants in this AI fundamentals program will gain a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and its practical applications across various industries. They will start by unraveling the mysteries of AI and exploring its core concepts. They'll also learn how AI transforms marketing strategies and enhances customer engagement through personalized approaches. Participants will explore the ethical considerations and security implications of AI usage, including data privacy laws and securing AI systems against threats. They'll be guided through the initial steps of adopting AI technologies in their business, from identifying opportunities to measuring impact. Finally, they'll explore future trends in AI and access resources for continuous learning to stay informed in this rapidly evolving field.



Join our live online classes led by experienced and certified instructors, right from the comfort of your home or workplace. Avoid the hassle of travel and attend our convenient sessions remotely.


Here's How It Works:

  • Access our classes via a web browser, where required software is free to download.

  • Engage with a live instructor via Microsoft Teams.

  • Experience hands-on learning with the software or skill being taught.

  • Interact with fellow students during class.

  • Any necessary software is provided in our online lab.

  • Enjoy easy Q&A sessions; our small class sizes ensure ample time for student questions.

  • Cost: $75.00

  • 1 day

  • 1 hour 

  • Registration will be available in June 2024.

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Experience Live Online Instruction

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