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AI-Enhanced Job Readiness Training for Personalized Career Success

At our core, we recognize that everyone’s career journey is unique, shaped by distinct needs, capabilities, and aspirations. That's why we've designed our comprehensive program to not only identify your work interests and job skills but to do so using the cutting-edge power of  Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whether you're a first-time job seeker, considering a career change, re-entering the workforce, or simply reevaluating your career objectives, our mission is to empower you to thrive.


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Whether you're a person with a disability, a military veteran, a former foster youth, or an at-risk individual, our program offers targeted support tailored to your unique circumstances. We are dedicated to guiding you toward the path of success.

Our program kicks off with a powerful AI-driven assessment of your work interests and skills.
By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we gain unparalleled insights into your unique strengths and career ambitions.
Our program integrates specialized AI tools, training you to harness artificial intelligence for job searching, resume optimization, interview preparation, and career advancement.

Job Fair participants learn about "Using Social Media in Your Job Search" at the CareSource (Life Services and Job Connect) and the Atlanta Public Schools in coordination with the Adult Education Center. 

This evaluation determines vocational interests, skills, aptitudes, and behaviors. Interpret results to identify and recommend specific job goals and recommendations for employment services. 



Our Career Counselors will track open positions throughout our employment network and will work closely with you to find an employer that matches your skills and experience. They can also help you practice for interviews.

Our team focuses on helping individuals acquire and enhance the essential skills  and abilities needed to navigate various aspects of life successfully.

These skills encompass a wide range of personal, social, emotional, and practical  competencies that contribute to overall well-being and effective functioning.  Counselors will also help individuals identify their short-term and long-term goals  in areas such as education, career, relationships, and personal development.

They work together to create actionable plans to achieve these goals.


These services also include goal setting, planning, time management, and  organization. It also covers stress management, coping strategies, self- esteem, self-confidence, financial literacy, conflict resolution, and assertiveness.


Do you know that social media is part of our daily lives, and cyber criminals are using manipulative tactics to target people?

Attendees have the opportunity to participate in our ongoing workshops where they can learn basic skills on how to use technology more confidently and safely.

This includes discovering how to protect your privacy and security online, as well as how to prevent and avoid online scams and fraud when using the internet, email, and social media. For additional details regarding our workshop schedule, please click here.

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Referrals may be submitted by telephone, by faxing a completed referral form to our primary office, or by using our secure website.  

Working Concepts accepts a variety of payment methods for services including: CareSource, Peach State Medicaid, Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and self- pay to utilize a sliding fee scale. 

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