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Community-Based Organization Working Concepts Inc. Collaborates with Digitunity and AT&T

In May 2023, Digitunity launched a collaborative effort with numerous community organizations, like Working Concepts Inc., to empower individuals most affected by the digital divide.

This initiative, dubbed the Digital Opportunity Network, is a three-pronged approach:

  • Raising Awareness: Shedding light on the digital resources available through AT&T. The goal is to reach 500,000 people and introduce them to the tools and opportunities offered.

  • Supporting Adoption: Equipping residents with the skills and confidence to navigate the digital world. Working Concepts Inc., along with other community partners, will continue offering free workshops provided by Digitunity and AT&T.

  • Measuring Impact: Continuously gathering feedback from participants and facilitators to tailor outreach efforts and ensure program effectiveness. This data-driven approach allows Digitunity to refine its strategy and maximize its impact.

The program expects to engage 12,000 learners, empowering them to participate fully, safely, and responsibly in today's digital landscape. By working together, Digitunity, AT&T, and community organizations like Working Concepts Inc. are making a significant difference in bridging the digital divide.

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